tiistai 14. elokuuta 2012

Didn't expect this..

Well hello there chicsters!
It has been a week since we cooked together and for this time I wanted to have something more challenging. Perhaps it was too challenging when looking back for that. :D Chocolate Meringue Pie. Oh how delicious you looked in the picture. I have to admit that when I saw the 'corn starch' in the recipe, I had some second thoughts. I've always been pretty bad at using that in cooking. Whenever I even try to make some kind of sauce, I always end up to have very watery sauce. The picture above gives a great illusion of a perfect pie but of course it's far away from that!
So back to the Sunday's disaster. If you have seen the video, you can see how everything's going great in the beginning. I had high expectations and I was so keen to taste it later. Suddenly I find myself from adding crazy amounts of corn starch into the filling but nothing changes. It was so frustating! I felt like "here we go again" -.- When I filled up the cake tin I tried to stay positive and think: "well after it's been in the oven, it's gonna be great!" Well longer I had it in there the meringue got darker and darker but the filling was being the same ol' liquid self. After 18 mins I had to take it out before it was going to burn. The result was a mess as you can see..

Eventhought the sight was horrible, the pie was gone in 2 hours! The taste was absolutely amazing so therefore I promised to remake that someday soon. Hopefully with better success. :)
Then to the other news from P-chic's life. Today I launched the Chictastic Baking facebook page. I wanted to make it easier for you, my chicster, to follow my actions and latest videos. Feel free to give feedback and development ideas on there!
I also got this great sushi book yesterday. At first I borrowed it from library. I really wanted to buy that but since it was a lot of money (in my scale) I decided to let it be. Fortunately I found the exact same book from another store and it was on great sale! Oh, that was a happy day. :) 
Therefore I wish you have chictastic time until we meet again and hopefully there's going to be a sushi episode soon! :3

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