lauantai 4. elokuuta 2012

That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles

Hello my fellow chicsters!
This is my first post here and I can't even describe how excited I am!
I'm starting a new series of documenting my adventures in the world of baking. The documenting is going to begin on here and spread later on YouTube. Therefore, subscribe ThePchic on there for the future's videos.
At this point I probably could tell you more about how all of this began.. I'm young, just graduated girl from Finland who has inherit the artistic way of life from her father. Since elementary school I've dreamed about getting into the university of art. Finally in this spring I applied to there but got turned down after the entry exam. I was devastated.
Weeks after my graduating party I still got great feedback from my relatives about my cakes and other baked goods. I baked for a week straight and went to sleep late at night with my legs aching. Tears weren't far away after a long day but i still felt like it was worth it. In total I had baked, 4 sweet cheese cakes, 4 salty ones (with trial and error), 4 different kind of cookies, dozens of pigs in the blanket, 2 different dry cakes.Unfortunately everybody was so busy celebrating that no pictures were taken of the table. Still feeling bad about that!

During the last month I've been getting more into baking after constant great feedback. I feel like baking is surprisingly close to my art form, ceramics. I get to work with my hands and create amazing creations. Therefore, I want to increase my knowledge of baking. This is some sort of journey for me and what could be more fun than take that journey with someone!

Enough of me now, what about the blogging?
When I'm in action, I mainly use recipes from books and Internet. Maybe someday I try something by myself! I can assure that this blog is going to be full of baking but as usual, there's still some extra ;)
Four things I couldn't live without: chocolate, sushi, art and love. If it was possible, I wouldn't eat anything else but first two of those. :D As one might guess, yes, there are going to be sushi sections once in a while. If you have any suggestions that you want me to try and bake, go for it! I'm very open minded! On the list there is so far different types of pies, bars, cakes. (many of these are surprisingly made out of chocolate! lol) As being a macaron-virgin so to speak, I will try my skills, and nerves, at making those famous and oh so delicious macarons. Of course I'm very VERY eager to try the new trend here; Cake Pops!

So let the journey begin and have a chictastic time until we meet again!

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