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Why can't I hold all of these limes?!

Greetings fellows!
The tuesday after Lemon poppy seed cake was more american again. Key lime pie caught my eye instantly once I saw it in a game. I know, I know, even though it was in pixels on my computer screen, there was something delicious in that which made me want to bake that. Mostly I was surprised by the fact how easy it was to be baked. Even the filling was instantly thick enough to be cut. The flower on top was just silly experiment with whipped cream and green food color I wanted to test together.
Anyways, here's the ingredients and instructions for the pie.
The crust
500g (~17 oz) Digestive cookies
200g (7 oz) Butter
The filling
8 Egg yokes
2 Cans of condensed milk
5 Lime's juice and grated peel
On the top
3dl (1,25 cups) Cream
+ 23cm (9 inch) buttered cake tin

First I crushed the cookies in the mixer and added the melted butter in that. Pretty much a basic crust that many pies have, just cookies and butter. After that I pressed it tightly into the cake tin. The crust itself had to be baked in the oven for 20mins in 170°C (325 F). It got a bit darker in there but without that, there was no difference. Remember to turn the oven cooler at this point. To 150°C (300 F).

The it was time to make the filling. Basically just mix all of the filling ingredients together with a ball shaped beater until it's nice and smooth. In the book they said that their green color was all from the limes but I disagreed. My filling came out more yellow than green so I added some green liquid food color at this point into the bowl.

After the crust had cooled down I poured the filling on it and put it in the oven for 20-30mins. It depends a lot on the oven so you just have to figure out your oven's perfect cooking time. When taking out the pie from oven, make sure that the filling is solid and little soft in the middle. After that the pie needs to fully cool down and it has to be put into the frige at least for an hour. The recommendation was for over night. Then simply just whip the cream for the top and voilà! There you have a glorious Key lime pie! You can also decorate the pie with some grated peel of lime. I accidentally ran out of lime so I had to improvise.
Overall my expectations were proved right and actually this was even better. I knew those pixels weren't lying! :D I strongly recommend this recipe since it's very easy to bake and the flavor compared to the easiness is very good.

Next time we're going to bake a Gooseberry pie so have a chictastic time until then!

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