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Charlie and the fudge factory

Why hello there!
We still keep conquering the fascinating lands of candy kingdom. Today we give a chance for a one of the unknowns to introduce themselves at least to me. Chocolate fudge or fudge overall is a bit odd concept to me. It's not something we eat here a lot so that might explain it. But hey, it's chocolate again!

You will need:
4,5dl ( Sugar
2,5dl (1 cup) Whipped cream
100g (3,5 oz)Dark chocolate
50g (1,8 oz) Butter
0,5dl Syrup
50g (1,8 oz) White chocolate
Canola oil for greasing

Start by measuring the sugar, cream, chopped chocolate, butter and syrup into a pot with a thick bottom and mix them well. Keep heating up till the mixture starts to boil and the sugar melts in it. Raise the temperature and boil it for 7-10 minutes or till the "soft ball" level on the thermometer. You can also test the texture by dropping some of that fudge into a glass full of cold water. If you can mold the fudge into a ball shape, the mixture is perfect!
Wait until the fudge is around the body temperature and then you can use a mixer on it get it lighter colored and cooler. Grease the mold and at this point add the white chocolate chunks in the fudge. Pour it into the mold and let the fudge settle in the  fridge for 4-6 hours before cutting into pieces.

As far as I'm concerned, fudge isn't my cup of tea. Yes, I like chocolate and candies overall but this was just way too sweet for me. The recipe was extremely easy so this get some points from that. I'd give 6/10 for this and hopefully someone else finds this perfect :) See you next time chicsters!

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