sunnuntai 19. elokuuta 2012

We are the champions!

Delicious evening from the Pchic residence!
I've finally made it my chicsters. Here I present you the first macarons ever made by me!
It was a dark and stormy night.. Maybe that's too dramatic, let me try again.. At 9 AM this morning I woke up full of excitement. I headed straight to kitchen and got everything ready for my ordeal. I had read the recipe numerous times beforehand so I would be capable to make those in half asleep. There isn't any fancy colors etc since I was just testing these. The filling are lemon curd (on the left) and chocolate.
Usually I'm not that precise with the measures but since they really matter in macarons, I followed those very strictly. I even filtered the flours in case so there wouldn't be any clods. When I got to the point where you whisk the egg whites, I got worried. The recipe warned about whisking those eggs too much since the dough has to stay perfect. Not too hard, not too liquid. I kept whisking it with the lowest possible speed and checking every once in a while. It might have been beginner's luck but I still made it. :)
Next thing I know, I'm putting those in the oven already. Now that was tricky! They said how the temperature and time depended on the oven. Luckily I had four oven shelves so I had plenty of material to test that on. The first shelf came out pretty brown, as you can see from that lemon curd one. After that I baked the rest of them on the lowest point in the oven so they got little less brown. I still have to test the temperature in the future a bit since I already lowered the given 150°C (300 F) to 120°C (248 F)
Overall I'm so proud of myself. On top of the macarons, I also made the chocolate ganache (the filling) for the first time. Therefore how things went today, I'm definitely going to master the art of macarons.
I'd say this was perfect way to end this week! :) See ya my chicsters!

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