tiistai 21. elokuuta 2012

Uh Oh Daddy-O!

Hello there!

Yesterday was the time of celebration. My dad had his name day and as a gift, I baked some basic cinnamon rolls. Since there's not that much to celebrate in a year, I think it's nice tradition to have something special even on such a day as a name day. 
I had some troubles with the cooking time/ temperature since I forgot what I did in the last time. Haha, that's what you get when you don't write those down! Oh, there's also one good point about these cinnamon rolls. It's easy to put the "extra" ones to the freezer for the future. Nothing's better when you defrost one of those in the microwave and get a cup of milk with that! :3

I also did some shopping earlier on that day. I finally got myself a mat for macarons! :) It's definitely going to be easier to get perfectly round macarons with that so I can't wait to test it! I didn't want to buy that before I had made the first macarons. I wanted to be sure that I'm patient enough for macaron baking so I'd actually need the mat. The pallet knife and tart tin have also been in my mind for a long time. From those three the tin was the most challenging one to find. I had the measures for that but it seemed like none of the stores I've been to sells that shape. Luckily after long research I found it! It was supposed to be 30x10 (according to one recipe) but 35x11 was the closest one I could find. 
The actual shopping was terrible. I think I visited in three different stores and every time I had to remind myself "Just get what your looking for, do NOT even glance on anything else!" :D Because once I start looking around, it's a disaster. I start to go "Oh, I've always needed this! This would be great in my kitchen!" 
Oh well, more about this week. I'm sure there's going to be some sort of baking later on although the decision hasn't been made yet. Is it going to be macarons? How about some sort of pie? We'll see that. Maybe even a video! :)

But for now, I wish you all good night and chictastic time for the rest of the week! :)

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