tiistai 28. elokuuta 2012

Misisippi...Missisippi... oh Mississippi!

Hey guys, I've missed you!
The last weekend and week has been such a busy time for me so therefore this post is a litte late. Hopefully you don't mind. :) I'd also mention that I started to work on Monday so I'll work really hard to get these posts here on time. I've made some sort of schedule for my bakings that I'd be on time with them. I'll try my best to post at least every weekend something. I also have a day off every Tuesday so there might be some extra every now and then. (;
Anyways, in last weekend I finally got to bake the mississippi mud pie. That was actually the first recipe which got me to start this blogging so I was very eager to finally make it! In the end, it was a basic mud pie with some fancy whipped cream and chocolate chips on top of it. Despite of its ordinary ingredients, the flavor knocked our socks off. The whole pie was gone in 2 days. Even though I had the right size dish for that, there was still some extra filling. Therefore I made some 1 portion size pies.This time there wasn't any problems with that filling like with chocolate meringue pie. Everything went nice and smooth .

I also tried my new macaron mat on the next day. Unfortunately it wasn't a success.. For some reason the macarons didn't cook as they're supposed to so I ended up to have 42 macaron halves stuck to the mat. I've had some problems earlier with other silicon products. They don't heat up in the same way than normal tins and pans so I've had lots of raw dough when I've used those. So that's the next problem I'm going to solve when I have some time. :)

In the end I want to say that when i baked all this, on Friday, it was all for my granny. She passed away exactly 3 years ago on that day. When I was little, we always baked together gingerbreads in Christmas, cinnamon rolls, and all kinds of pies. She basically got me into baking and I always had awesome time with her. I love you granny!

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