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Frosting away!

Hello my friends!
On Saturday it was time to bake something more traditional yet delicious for you. A basic coffee cake with lemon flavor, Lemon poppy seed cake. I'm a huge fan of these kind of cakes as long as they're moist and squishy. I haven't really baked those by myself that much so it was about the time to do it now! :) 
The recipes I've picked from foreign aren't so easy every time. Sometimes the cake tin is too small for the amount of ingredients, sometimes there's flaws in the recipe. With this one, I had a couple of remarkable changes. First of all, I'd leave the lemon syrup out. By pouring the syrup on the cake, it became all sticky and got a very strong lemon flavor. Therefore I'd recommend to leave it out. Secondly The ration between lemon juice and powdered sugar in the frosting is all wrong. I had to go through it in the hard way. I ended up having the cake swimming in the puddle of frosting. Oh well.. :D
I actually filmed a video from all of this for you to see. Unfortunately I just haven't had any time to edit that so I hope I get to upload that as soon as possible! In the meanwhile you can check all the ingredients from here and get ready for the yum!
The dough
85 g (~3 oz) Butter
245 g (8,65 oz) Sugar
1,5 Lemons' peel grated
1,65 dl (0,7 cup) Milk
235 g (~8,3 oz) Flours
2 tsp Baking powder
0,5 tsp Salt
3 Egg whites

The lemon frosting
2dl (0,85 cup) Powdered sugar
1,5-2 tbsp lemon juice
( I had to modify this afterwards so hopefully it works, if it gets too thick just add some more of the juice.)

When it comes to tasting, it was absolutely amazing! The cake itself was very moist but with mild lemon flavor. When you got some of that sour frosting with that, it was like a perfect combination! The poppy seeds didn't taste in the cake but I think they gave a nice visual effect on that. :) These type of cakes are very easy to bake so i recommend every one of you to try this. I've already made all of the mistakes for you, so you shouldn't hav anything to worry about. :D

A little something about the future. I have some great material of the next coming up creations so it's just a matter of time when I get to post them on here. So until then, have a chictastic time!

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