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Mix 'n' match!

What's up my chicsters!
Lately I've been working on lots of different kind of chocolates and whatnot. So here's a bunch of recipes for different kind of trearts..

Marmelade chocolates
So basically what I did  here was the same recipe as the Fox Candies and then just dipped them into the tempered dark chocolate. I used my chocolate mold when getting the marmelade into a shape and it worked just fine! Just dry those marmelades for 2 days so the chocolate sticks to them and don't roll them in sugar before dipping into the chocolate! ;)

Next up some Choco cones, you'll need:

Greaseproof paper
75g (2,6 oz)Dark chocolate
1dl (0,4 cup) Whipping cream
1 Tbsp Icing Sugar
1 Tbsp Mint liqueur

The trickiest part was definitely the cones. Cut 10 circles out of greaseproof paper (ø 8cm; 3,2 inch) and roll them into the cone shape. I had some troubles with this because no tape would hold on to the paper since the grease. So I took a big piece of tape and kind of just wrapped it around the cone and tried to get to stick to the other end of that same piece of tape. (I know this might sound very unclear to you but just go ahead and try what works for you best! :))
When you have conquered the cones it's time to move on to the actual cooking. Tempere the chocolate and use a smal brush to "paint" the cones from inside. When the chocolate has settled, do it again and put them into the fridge for 2h. Then you can carefully detach  the paper around the cones and you're ready to make the filling!
Whip the cream, icing sugar and the liqueur into a firm foam. Fill the piping bag with it and use a star shaped nozzle. Then just fill the cones and your'e done. How easy was that!?
Okay let's move on to the.. 

..Champagne truffles, you'll need for 10 pieces:

50g (1,8 oz) Dark chocolate
40g (1,4 oz) Milk Chocolate
0,3dl (0,13 cup) Whipping Cream
10g (0,35 oz) Butter
0,2 dl (0,08 cup) Champagne
140g (5 oz) Dark tempered chocolate
Some icing sugar

(The recipe was originally for 50 pieces so go ahead and multiply those ingredient measurements by 5 to get the 50/ more reasonable amounts ;)) 
Grease a small pan and put some plastic wrap on it. Put also a greaseproof paper on a baking tray. Put the dark and milk chocolates in a bowl which can be heated. In the meantime, mix the cream and butter in a thick bottom pan and make sure that it won't burn! Heat it up almost to the boiling point and then pour it on the chocolates. Wait 1 min and then add the champagne in it. Mix it by had or with a blender to get some smooth ganache.
Pour the ganache into the plastic wrap pan and let it cool down there until it starts to settle. When it's still soft, scrape it up into a piping bag with a normal round nozzle and create little drops on the baking tray. Put the tray into the fridge for 20min so the ganache drops set.
When 20 mins are up, get some icing sugar on your hands and roll those drops into a little balls. Put the tray back into the fridge for 10 mins. 
At this point, you should tempere the chocolate and get a some kind of grid with a greaseproof paper underneath it on the table.
Dip the ganache balls into the chocolate and lift them onto the grid to cool down. I sprinkled some icing powder on them so there would be some kind of decoration. :)
Alright, huff.. puff.. you guys still with me?

The last but not the least we have Coconut Ice! 

Some butter for greasing
250g (9 oz) Fine sugar
1dl (0,4 cup) Coconut milk or whole milk (coconut milk just brings up the coconut flavor in them)
a pinch of salt
95g (3,3 oz) Coconut flakes

Start by greasing up a small pan and put a greaseproof paper to cover it. Throw the sugar, milk and salt into a thick bottom pan and heat it up until the sugar had dissolved. The increase the heat and let it boil until it reaches the "soft ball" (116°C, 241 F) level. Add the flakes in it and stir it thoroughly. Be fast since the mixture hardens pretty fast (at least with me) and pour it into the covered pan. Smoothen it out with a palette knife and let it cool down for a couple of hours. The you can chop it into the pieces and serve it. :)

Hopefully today was as enjoyable to you as it has been to me and I'll bring you some more chictastic treats on next week! :)

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