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Easiest and the yummiest dessert for busy chicsters!

Hi folks!
Today's post is going to be short since I've been very busy with my Christmas cakes and chocolate boxes. Don't mind about the shortness because this is one of my personal favorites and doesn't even need too much preparations!

Chocolate fondant (3 pieces)
50g (1,8oz) Butter
50g (1,8 oz) Dark chocolate
1/2dl (0,2 cup) Flours
2 Eggs
3/4 dl (0,3 cup) Sugar

Start by greasing up 3 small cups. My tip is to cut little squares of greaseproof paper to put in the bottom so the fondant comes off easier. Go ahead and melt the chocolate and the butter together in a microwave or on the stove. In the meanwhile, whisk the eggs and sugar together into a fluffy foam. Carefully add the flours and mix it by lifting the batter back and forth, not too much of stirring! Then add the chocolate mix into the batter and mix it in a same way as earlier. Pour the batter into the cups and leave about 1cm (0,5 inch) empty so the fondant doesn't overflow when in the oven. Bake fondants for 10 mins, 185°C (365 F) with a convection mode or 190-195°C (374-383 F) with a normal oven mode. You can eat the fondant straight from the cup or pop it on the plate. Run a knife around the edges oft the cup to make sure the fondant doesn't stick to the cup when flipping it on the plate. Remove the little square from the bottom , add some whipped cream or vanilla ice cream to the side and enjoy! :)
After a long day, this really cheers me up and hopefully it does the same to your day! Till next time chicsters!

Ps. If you wanna make some extras and save them for later, just go ahead and put them into the fridge or freezer. When in the fridge, just add 2 more minutes for the baking time (=12 mins). If in the freezer, add 2 more on the fridge time (=14 mins). :)

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