perjantai 4. tammikuuta 2013

Yo yo yogurt

What's up guys?!
after 3 days spent in this paradise I can only say that I'm loving my life here! The sun is shining every single day on the cloudless sky and temperature is just above 20C. Can't complain about the company either. I'm living at my boyfriend's which makes me so unbelievably happy. :) 
But let's get back to business! So I promised to give you some sort of reviews of different kind of food places we're going to. First up we headed our ways to Yogurt land. It's an amazing kind of ice cream bar. Way healthier!
After some heavy lunch we had, I skipped all the yogurts and took just sorbets. A cup filled of guava-grapefruit sorbet and strawberry-lemon sorbet. For toppings I chose kiwi, strawberry and coconut flakes. I'd say that swirl of hot chocolate sauce would have made it perfect!
I'd prefer this place over Yogurtology when I'm in healthy mood. All of the toppings were healthy if you don't count a couple gummy worms in it. Overall I'd choose Yogurtology since the healthy moments don't kick in very often. I always  prefer chocolate as you know. (;

Next time we're getting messy with some cupcakes from Sweet! by The Cake Factory. So stick with the yummy desserts until next time chicsters!

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