sunnuntai 10. maaliskuuta 2013

Why do all good things come to an end?

Right in the beginning I want to apologize for the long delay in my posts. I got some sort of tourists stomach flu and I've been sick for whole February. Despite the sickness, the trip was a blast! We didn't do as much stuff as we did the last time I was there and that bothered me at first. Seeing all these other friends experiencing awesome stuff on the other side of the world made me think.. It actually took me a couple of days to realize that I had never been so happy in my life. Just feeling that other person's warmth on you while watching tv for example. That's the real thing I miss. Sharing those simple everyday moments with each other in real time. Not days after on Skype. 
Moving on to some happier thoughts; where did we visit the last time? Well, we headed our way to the Countryside Mall. We wanted to see this awesome zombie movie "Warm bodies" (coming out on April 5th in Finland!!) and while we had some extra time afterwards, I wanted to find something delicious. First I spotted the place called Great American Cookies. They basically make cookie cakes with fancy decoration on them. We got some different brownies and a cookie sandwich from there.

Up there in that picture we have chocolate fudge brownies (dark ones), peanut butter brownies and that sandwich. I was pretty surprised since I've always considered brownies as fluffy, cake kind of treat. These ones, on the other hand, were more cookie like. They were harder to bite in and crumbled easily. Therefore I still stand for fluffy "normal" brownies! :D The cookie sandwich was pretty good. At first I thought the filling was going to be ice cream so I was kind of disappointed when it turned out to be some sort of cream-icing filling.
After shopping for some scented candles, sweater and food we ended up to  Morrow's Fine Candy & Nuts.

Yup, I found some Finnish candy from there!

Once again, I couldn't do anything else but drool over the chocolates they had there. As the name of the store says, they also had a huge variety of different kind of nuts. You guys probably know me so well that you know I only picked the chocolates ;) On the pictures above, we have colorful little marzipan treats, chocolate covered orange peels, red velvet dome, chocolate covered marshmallow stick, chocolate/m&m covered pretzel aaand chocolate covered pretzel sticks. My favorite one was absolutely the M&M pretzel but basically anything covered in chocolate goes.

I had some better day in between being sick so we tried to take advantage of them and do as much stuff as we could. Unfortunately The last few days we saved for the most awesome amusement park, Busch Gardens, I had to feel bad again. -.- Then a little bit more that few tears were shed at the airport. For few things I'm extremely happy to be home, like the ease to go to the doctor's here compared to USA. So here comes to an end the 8 absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G weeks in Florida and my booboo. Eagerly waiting for the adventures in the future. Yea, what's going to happen next?
Well, I have few important things to tell you. First of all, I have applied to the vocational school for the baker's education. I know! I've never been this excited about anything school related hahah. I also applied to the same art school as last year. Which brings me to the next topic. This March is going to be tough for me since I need to work on those entry exam artworks. It's going to take a lot of time along the work. So don't get scared if I'm not posting as much as I do usually. :) I'll get into this more after this month.
Thirdly, I have some big plans concerning the blog. As you can see, I have put up a little poll on my Facebook page whether I'd start to write also in Finnish or not. I really would like to get your opinion on this so I could improve as a blogger and please my readers. :) Feel free to give me other feedback too! I've also considered starting to make short videos of different baking tips and tricks.  I got some great new cookbooks from Florida so there's going to be amazing new recipes as soon as I get to bake.

With these word I wish you all chictastic spring and I'll see you guys soon! ;)

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