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Chocolate here and there and everywhere! pt. 1

Good day ladies and gentlemen and what a beautiful day we actually have here!
Last weekend was amazing and especially Sunday since it was time for adventures at Mosi (Museum of Science and Industry). Kind of like we have Heureka for us Finns. We learnt about natural disasters, human life, space junk, stars and the most important part... CHOCOLATE!
They had arranged a chocolate festival for people all ages. There was cookie stacking competitions, candy counting competitions, fashion show, two attempts for Guinness World Record and of course counter after counter full of chocolate.
I didn't really have any expectations beforehand so one can imagine how amazed and excited I was once we arrived to the hall full of chocolate. You could just smell the chocolate before you even stepped into the actual hall. I couldn't love my life more at that moment! :))
They had this system that people buy sort of like tokens and then buy chocolate and whatnot with the tokens. I loved that idea and tried to calm myself so I wouldn't spend all my money there.
Get ready for a delicious pictures because here they come!

Winner dress from the fashion show

Love the idea of putting the flowers on the right into the vase full of white chocolate. Also some mustache lollipops on the far left.

Some AMAZING candy apples by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Didn't buy any because they seemed over priced. ($7 each)

Some cute cupcakes, love those mini ones!

This guy made the ice cream you ordered right in front of you by using liquid nitrogen.

Beautiful macaroons, we got the light blue one and the purple one :3

Such a romantic strawberries, too bad they were $3 each :(

Yep, these are cakes. :D Amazing, right?

Closeup from my favorite cake

Truffles by Irresistible Confections. I've never seen anything that beautiful made out of chocolate!

There was plenty of different kind of treats on the stick for ex. oreos, giant marshmallows, s'mores, rice crispy treats etc. All of them covered in chocolate of course ;)

They just created the cutest things from sugar!

Chocolate fountains by Schakolad. Dipping options were strawberries and marshmallows :3

I'm so happy my boyfriend found this event since we don't have anything like this in Finland. I got so much inspiration from this place and it would be a dream come true to be one of those companies bringing out their products! :) On the part 2 I'm going to show you guys what we got from the festival and review them for you. ;) See you then!

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