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Chocolate Rain

Hello my loyal readers!
Almost 3 weeks behind and what an awesome time I've had here! Besides food, I can't stop drooling after these cars. All I can say is that I wouldn't mind if I had a Mustang.. :D Before getting to the sweet spot I have to bring up some of my favorite food places here.
First of all the supermarkets. They have literally everything. You just name it. All the sushi I've eaten so far is from Publix and I just can't get enough of it. It even tops the sushi I've had in actual sushi restaurant in Finland. Their subs are also amazing and lets not forget the freshly made fruit salads. Mmmm so good!
Next up is the Panda Express. It's the chinese McDonalds for me. Their orange chicken is absolutely the best chicken I've ever had. I also love their fortune cookies since before Panda I had never had one before. Those cookies are just so cute. :3
I left the ultimate favorite for last which is Taco Bell. I honestly could just live by eating Taco Bell all my life. For $5 you get enormous amount of food which takes you up to the heaven. The fact that Finland doesn't really have a place like this makes me extremely sad.

From left top corner: Rocky road, ginger x2, orange peel x2, pineapple, graham cracker, cherry, champagne truffles, pretzel and oreo

So yesterday we visited this small chocolate shop called Schakolad. I had a conversation with a very friendly gentlemen employee there who told me about their business and the variety of chocolates they made. I was extremely eager once I stepped in and saw a pile afte pile of different kind of chocolates. Every single piece f chocolate is hand made on the spot as you can see some of the molds on the back wall.

It's very interesting since they had a couple of same chocolates I've been making. So today I pay some extra attention to the champagne truffles and rocky road. :) I will also tell my opinion of the best piece in this batch we got.
Let's start the tastings!

First we have Rocky road. This one hides macadamia nuts, cashews and little marshmallows inside. So the only similar part compared to mine are the marshmallows. Let's bite in......... hmm! It's soft enough to eat because the marshmallows and soft macadamia nuts. I have to admit that this one is a bit too much nuts for me. Therefore 1 point for my chocolates. :))

This one here is a champagne truffle. It's a way different looking if you compare that to mine. I can also tell that the chocolate covering the ganache is milk chocolate whereas I use dark chocolate in mines. Alrighty, let me see....... oh this is a close one! If i tasted both this and my truffle, I probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference. The milk chocolate makes the truffle a bit sweeter than my dark chocolate so I'd say that this point goes to the Schakolad (;
The overall favorite would be the dark chocolate covered ginger. So far I've eaten ginger with sushi. This combination of dark chocolate and sweet but spicy ginger just blows my mind :3 Not that all the other ones were bad but this one just had that wow-factor in it.
This trip is so far one of my favorites. Not only because the chocolate but also because the employees in there were really friendly and ready to tell me about Schakolad. Definitely two thumbs up and 10/10 for this place my friends. :)

Ps. The winner of the Sweet! cupcakes was the Boston Cream. Just perfect balance between a little bit of cream and chocolate! :3

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